Who are we?

Our first shop in Papeete, which had in Prince Hinoi Avenue, in 2000, had 4 employees. Then, our business has evolved, and today we are about 15, spread over the 5 shops open in downtown Papeete, 2 points of sale in Moorea, and Pirae.

With about 15 years experience in the world of the Tahitian black pearl, we have won a relatively important place in the pearl trade in Papeete and we can be proud to have an excellent value for money (despite the economic crisis) on all our products. We are always looking to satisfy customers more and more demanding.

Our black pearls are all genuine and come from pearl farms in the Tuamotu archipelago and the Gambier Islands situated in French Polynesia. Our craftsmen works at the shop, they work with our black pearls on gold, silver, leather, rubber, and stainless steel to create the beautiful jewelry that you can see on our website.

Fabrice Cicorella, his charming saleswomen and craftsmen of his shops in Papeete wish you a pleasant visit and hope to see you soon in Tahiti!

Some pictures of our workshop